CorporateCalm Package

The CorporateCalm Package offers a unique blend of remedial treatments to your employees.

Osteomyology and Sound Therapy are the principal therapies delivered in this corporate health package. Your team can benefit from the support and help of hands-on, gentle care of osteomyology (as described in the CorporateHealth package) and also the benefits of sound therapy.

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Your employees want to know they work for a company with a purpose and vision for their future.

Sound therapy is an ancient tradition with origins in many cultures. At Natural Back Health we offer Tibetan Sound Healing. The sounds can create a deeply relaxed state and promote inner harmony. Most experience improved and elevated energy, increased vitality and better sleep. Sound Therapy can also help to bring relief from pain, stress and anxiety.

Depending on the needs of your team, a group or individual therapeutic session may be incorporated.

Reduce your teams stress levels

Workforce staff now deal with issues such as low back pain, neck pain, repetitive strain injuries and high stress levels on a daily basis.

Providing a health and wellness corporate package for your employees tells them you are engaged as a leader and care about their health.

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The national average for absenteeism is 3.5% or 8 working days. For large firms this rises to 4.6% or 10 working days. For small firms the average falls to 2.8% or 6 working days. Leaders are looking for solutions for their team.

If appropriate the service can be delivered onsite to ensure flexibility and the least down time for your employees. If your company is a Dublin 8 based business, if desired the packages can be contracted out to Natural Back Health’s branch on Cork Street, Dublin 8.

Treasa would be pleased to recommend the appropriate corporate package for your workforce. Once your tailor made package this has been approved and confirmed by the company, the necessary procedures can be planned ahead and begin as soon as possible.

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Appointment times are flexible with late evening availability at the Cork street clinic. The last consultation time for new clients is 19.30. The last regular care appointment is 20.00.

COVID19 Update at Natural Back Health

***Re-opened following recent COVID19 restrictions***

Treasa would like to thank all her clients for their patience over this period and for their continued support and custom.

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