Are your headaches becoming more frequent?

Often we put up with headaches, thinking it is just part of life. However, if your headaches starting to stop you from doing the things you love, it may be time to seek help.

Throbbing. Squeezing. Unrelenting. Just some of the words used to describe headaches … Just as there are many words to describe your headache pain there are many different types of headache. Not all are made equal. Tension-type, cervicogenic (coming from your neck), migraines, sinus headaches, cluster headaches and even headaches coming from temporomandibular (jaw) issues. Once the type of headache you have is diagnosed, there are ways to manage, prevent and treat frequent headaches.

So what causes a headache?

Headaches can have a number of causes. Fortunately, most headaches are not caused by serious illnesses, but in some cases they may require immediate medical attention. Going through a thorough initial consultation helps to rule-in and rule-out certain causes of your pain. So your symptoms can help me determine which kind of headache you have. We then plan the most appropriate care plan for your relief or management, while also addressing the potential causes.

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Headaches can be triggered by certain foods and lifestyle factors like:

For others, headaches are due to dysfunction of pain-sensitive structures or a build up of tension within nearby structures. Various parts in the brain or surrounding your head and neck, like nerves, joints and muscles, can play an important role in your headache.

How can I get relief from my headache?

Once you know what kind of headache you have then you can find the right kind of care.

Some headaches can be caused by stress. This typically results in a tension-type headache. Addressing the stress and anxiety causing the headache is an important part of your recovery. This kind of headache can respond well to therapies supporting the overall well-being of the person like sound therapy. Sound Therapy is available as a stand alone therapy at Natural Back Health.

Other headaches can be caused by pain referred to the head from structures in your neck. This type of headache is referred to as cervicogenic (meaning coming from your neck). Treating and releasing tension within this area can help relieve pain and restore natural function. This kind of headache responses well to hands-on therapy such as is offered at Natural Back Health.

Check out one of my favourite exercises for your neck (on the link above to Facebook). Regularly moving and stretching your neck can be an important aspect of prevention of headaches originating in the neck area.

If you have suffered with repeated episodes of headache, I would recommend you seek help in finding the right plan of action for your relief and recovery.

Remember, you only have one body and addressing a problem sooner rather than later is best.

I have a whole health and body philosophy to my treatments. My plan of care generally includes tailored advice on stress management, nutrition, exercise, sleep and in-house gentle manual therapy. I will support your recovery out of pain and back to doing the things you love. 

Natural Back Health is a private professional service providing gentle, low force and safe therapy to bring about healing and relief. If you have any further questions regarding this topic please do not hesitate to contact the clinic. Call today to arrange your first visit!

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Hopefully you find the general information on this page informative and helpful, however it is not intended to replace medical advice and should not be used as such.

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