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Neck pain treatment not working?

Picture this: you have had neck pain for the last year or so. You had three or four treatments a few months back but the pain has returned. Why did your neck pain treatment not work?

Why is your pain back?

It could be all down to your plan of care.

I am regularly asked by my clients: How long will I need to come in for? Or how many visits will it take to get better? Sometimes people even think that once they start a care programme that they will have to continue forever!

To put it simply, how long you decide to benefit from care is always up to you. No two people are the same and you are treated as an individual at NBH. Depending on your age, condition and lifestyle, the recommended plan of care is different for everyone. As a professional I will always recommend the best plan of care for your issue.

If I believe it will take eight sessions for your neck pain treatment plan I tell you that.

If its more or less, I tell you that too.

However, the final decision always rests in your hands.

Initial intensive care

In general there are three types of care. The first is initial intensive care. This is the stage with which we are all familiar. You have an issue and want neck pain treatment … this has led you to me. At this stage frequent visits are often required to relieve symptoms and begin the healing process. Many attend until they feel some relief and can move again.

But what about getting to the root of the problem?

This leads us to the next type of care: corrective care.

Corrective Care

At this point your initial problem is gone and you are at a crossroads. You can decide to end your care or you can really aim to get at what caused the problem in the beginning. This stage promotes complete healing. Visit frequency is reduced and you may be encouraged to supplement your care with exercises.

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Protective Care

Or what I like to call “MOT/NCT” stage!!

This stage is for health-conscious adults who desire optimum health and function. You are already feeling good but want to stay ahead of the game and correct new issues before they become a problem. For my clients in this stage, I find they often have excellent awareness of their body and know when they are due for a “check-up” or “tune-up” (to keep in line with the car analogy … 😉 )

Like other protective measures, this kind of care for your neck pain treatment can save time and money by helping you to stay well.

Many of us visit the dentist once or twice a year for a check-up to keep our teeth in good shape, why not regularly get your muscles and spine checked by a professional?

If you are putting up with persistent headaches, low back pain, dizziness or neck pain, hands-on, gentle care at NBH make be suitable for you. I will support your recovery out of pain and back to doing the things you love.

I have a whole health and body philosophy to my treatments. My plan of care generally includes tailored advice on stress management, nutrition, exercise, sleep and in-house gentle manual therapy. Supporting your recovery and allowing you to live a happier, healthier life.

For any further questions you may have on this post or in general, feel free to contact the clinic on 087 1815007 or here.

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Hopefully you find this general information informative and helpful, however it is not intended to replace medical advice and should not be used as such.

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