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My line of work demands that you keep up with current trends and research in health and wellness. In fact, that is something I love about working with the human body. The learning is endless. I have already been away on three full weekends of training this year, and also day courses on top of that too. So last weekend I added RockBlade certification to my ever increasing “tool-box”.

RockBlade, RockTape, Dublin, Pain, Back, Muscles

Check out this funky looking “tool”

So what exactly is RockBlade?

RockBlade is a tool which comes under the category of Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM). A bit of a mouthful I know….  Ultimately, it is a portable tool designed to assist in soft tissue (muscle) therapy for the treatment of musculoskeletal immobility and pain. Depending on how a tool such as RockBlade is used (or any other IASTM tools, foam rollers, and other mobility tools), we can affect the tissues in a couple ways. By either by ‘down regulating’ or ‘up regulating’ the nervous system – in essence helping tissues (muscles, fascia…)  “relax” or “wake up.” It’s a great adjunct to go along with my other skills and techniques! And most importantly, help us get some really great results.

You may have heard of RockBlade (or RockTape) if you are an avid CrossFit enthusiast… The two companies are big fans of each other and at many many CrossFit events you will see RockBlade tools floating around the place. RockBlade/Tape is even partners with the CrossFit Games 2017. Either way, RockBlade is up and coming. Check out this super speedy video of our RockBlade trainer demonstrating one specific technique on the forearm…… I promise I won’t go this fast!!!

Your needs and plan of care are unique

I don’t just treat everyone with the same set of skills, I continue to train and expand my skill-set to be able to bring you more. Every client I meet has a different reason for attending the clinic; whether it is for improving overall wellness, support in you recovery from an injury or decreasing postural stress from hours at a desk, I tailor my care to your unique needs.

If you are suffering with back pain, shoulder pain, or are needing help recovering from injury, contact the clinic on 087 1815007 to arrange your first visit. Or if you have any further questions on this topic please do not hesitate to contact me here.

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