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Is everyone asking you what is your resolution for 2018…. eugh…. Already?! Where did the year go….? The thing is though, resolutions are only about what you hope to accomplish, but what about taking a moment to look back on the year that has been? Looking back and taking stock can help define your goals for the coming year with more clarity and focus. Plus looking back can give you a chance to give yourself a deserved pat on the back!!

Dublin Low Back Pain Newmarket, the Coombe, Dolphin’s Barn, Rialto, Inchicore, Kilmainham, Portobello, South Circular Road, and the Liberties


Looking Back

2017 coming to a close, why not give yourself a bit of credit for what you have achieved this year….. especially something for your health & wellbeing!! Here are a few questions to have a ponder over

  • What was your biggest health triumph in 2017
  • Can you state the smartest health decision you made in 2017
  • What was the greatest lesson about health you learnt about yourself in 2017
  • Do you have unfinished health business from 2017

On a personal note, the smartest health decision I made this year was looking after myself more and receiving care and treatment on my own body on a regular basis. The better I am, the better you will be. There is an very old proverb “Physician, heal thyself”  sometimes quoted in the Latin form Medice, cura te ipsum. Which is terms of people that are in a caring role, means look after yourself, otherwise you will end up not being able to look after others! And in general you can use it in a “practice what you preach” kinda way!!

Looking Forward

So what about 2018? Have you got plans for 2018? Get fit & healthy? Spend more time with family? Or maybe more “me-time”? Here is an idea, why not share your goal with family or friends? Maybe someone else shares the same goal. Why not then support each other in your efforts!! While you have a think about what it is you plan to achieve here are a few questions to get the juices flowing

  • Can you give yourself health advice for 2018
  • What would you be most happy about completing in 2018
  • Think of one word that defines your health for 2018
  • What brings you joy and health and how are you going to have more of that in 2018

I especially like that last question. If you go to the gym three times a week but hate every minute of it… why are you doing it? You are much more likely to maintain an exercise habit if you enjoy it!

health wellness Dublin Newmarket the Coombe Dolphin’s Barn Rialto Inchicore Kilmainham Portobello Liberties

Get fit & healthy? Spend more time with family?

If you have any further questions on this topic please do not hesitate to contact me here or on 0871815007. If you are suffering with back pain, shoulder pain, and want 2018 to be a healthier happier year, contact the clinic to arrange your first visit at Natural Back Health.

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