pregnancy exercises

Are you getting upper back ache? Tension between the shoulder blades? The spot that you just can’t quite reach?

And… Are you pregnant?

Check out a mini series I created with four simple mobility exercises you can do from the comfort of your own front room.

First one up is a mid-back mobility exercise.

With all the changes in pregnancy your back and pelvis can endure quite a bit of change and tension. So releasing tension and supporting a healthy spine and pelvis can make your life a lot easier during pregnancy.

Next on the list – you are gonna wag your tail!! Excuse me?? Yup. Wag your tail & help bring more movement into your pelvis & spine!

Time and time again I see simple but highly effective pregnancy exercises being rushed through and not given the time they deserve… The well known cat/camel is all too often breezed through in classes… give it the attention it deserves and the benefits you can gain too!

And lastly, this pregnancy exercise targets the hips and pelvis but will benefit the whole spine with a gentle stretch.

Prepare your space ahead of time so once you get down on the floor (as a heavily pregnant mama..) you have everything you need to obtain an effective exercise. In this case you may need a few cushions when your baby bump is bigger!

As always… work within your own limitations when doing any exercises from home and if there is pain – STOP.

Support from a health professional such as myself, with a specialty in spinal health is a great resource for keeping your body balanced and aligned. Pregnancy is a time where there are a lot of changes both physically and emotionally happening in your body. Making time to build your circle, arrange visits and getting specific advice for your body and your baby can support a happy, healthy pregnancy.

Finally, the information provided here is not intended to replace individual medical advice. This is a simple starting point to introduce more movement in your spine and pelvis while pregnant. Typically I prescribe specific pregnancy exercises when attending me as a client which would be tailored to your particular needs. If you have any further questions regarding this topic or wish to arrange an appointment please do not hesitate to contact the clinic or contact me directly on 087 1815007.

To learn more about my style of care pop over here.

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