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Having back pain treatment but it is not helping?

Perhaps you are sitting on the problem!

Many of us (in my clinical experience, mostly men), use our back pocket to store our wallet. While this causes no problem as you walk around, the difficulty comes when you sit down. If you leave your wallet in your back pocket, every time you sit down you create a little lift on that side of your pelvis. Check out the picture below!! See how much the pelvis and hips get thrown off when there is something under one cheek and not the other!

Low back & leg pain

Day after day of this lift on the same side leads to imbalance. In the car, at your work desk or at home, this imbalance builds up in the joints, muscles and ligaments in the area. Imagine putting a lift equal in size to your wallet in one shoe and not the other! Then walk around all day on it. Soon you would be walking around with some discomfort and most likely with an awkward posture!

Imbalance can lead to pain, numbness or tingling.

Whether it’s a wallet or even a mobile phone, creating imbalance like this can lead to pain, numbness/tingling, postural compensations and tension. The soft tissues like muscles, ligaments and nerves take the burden of this imbalance. Of course I wish you so much abundance that you need a wallet in each pocket to carry all of your cash, but until that day, break this asymmetrical habit!

If  your current back pain treatment is not helping, perhaps this simple tip will make all the difference!

Check out some other home checks you can easily do at home to see if your balance and alignment is needing attention.

Back pain treatment at Natural Back Health is safe, gentle and non-invasive. I will support your recovery out of pain and back to doing the things you love. I have a whole health and body philosophy to my treatments. My plan of care generally includes tailored advice on stress management, nutrition, exercise, sleep and in-house gentle manual therapy. Supporting your recovery and allowing you to live a happier, healthier life.

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Hopefully you find this general information on back pain treatment informative and helpful, however it is not intended to replace medical advice and should not be used as such.

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