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Sound therapy or healing is a very ancient way of restoring health and balance in the body.

It is non-invasive therapy and typically involves using different instruments. Drums, gongs, Tibetan bowls, tuning forks or the human voice are just some of the instruments used. Of all of the healing therapies, sound work has been used for many thousands of years. Aboriginal folk in Australia with their ‘yidaki’ (modern name, didgeridoo) used it for healing and the monks of Tibet still use overtone chanting.

Sound healing is the therapeutic application of sound frequencies to the body/mind of a person with the intention of bringing them into a state of harmony and health.”sound therapy Dublin relaxation

Treasa is a member of The Sound Healers Association

How does it work?

Sound travels in a wave. When you hear a sound, you interpret the pitch in your brain. However the sound wave also permeates through your whole body. For example, if you strike a tuning fork and place it on your head or knee, you can hear and feel the vibrations the sound creates.

Along with the vibrations and resonance, one of the major principles of sound healing is entrainment. When entrainment occurs, small amounts of energy are transferred between the two sources. Since it takes less energy to pulse in co-operation, the source with the less powerful vibration locks into the one with the most powerful vibration (more detail on the science here).

The vibrations, resonance and entrainment are at work in sound therapy. If you are feeling out of balance (physically, mentally or emotionally), you will lock into the healing sound that is created. Bringing your body back into alignment and to its natural harmonious state. These sounds can create a very deep relaxed state. During sound therapy your brainwaves enter alpha or theta waves. These are associated with light meditation and deep relaxation.

What does it help?

What happens in a sound healing session?

Following a thorough consultation to ascertain that the therapy is suitable for you, the sound therapy treatment begins. You lie on a bench, fully clothed and often covered with a blanket for warmth. The bowls will be placed on your hands, feet and torso during the treatment. Most people feel deeply relaxed after a sound therapy treatment.

sound therapy dublin relaxation stress relief

While sound therapy is a gentle and non-invasive therapy, its effects can be powerful. A thorough one-to-one medical history must be carried out before commencing the treatment. It is also vital that you communicate with the therapist during and after the treatment if any issues or difficulties arise.

Treasa holds regular “Introduction to Sound Therapy” group events, which offer a simple introduction to mantras and sound healing. This hopefully allows you to see if it is something that resonates with you.

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If you have any further questions regarding this topic please do not hesitate to contact the clinic.

Hopefully you find the general information in this page informative and helpful, however it is not intended to replace medical advice and should not be used as such.

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