How do you rate your posture while at work?

This is the third in a series of blogs on correct desk posture and tips for improvements. In the first blog we focused on your chair and how to utilise it in the best way. The last blog was all about the screen and protecting your vision. Today, lets focus on the keyboard and phone usage.

How is your keyboard?

An anatomic keyboard is often recommended, however I personally do not recommend this type.

Often the fancier more expensive keyboards in the long run are not worthwhile. Starting with the basic keyboard, having good posture and great typing skills are the basic fundamentals. Check out a short video on healthy typing habits here.

Pay attention to how your arms are when you are typing.

Your forearms should rest on the table.

Your shoulders should be relaxed, your desk  should tilt 10 degrees down towards you (however your keyboard may already do this). Double check that your desk height and chair height are matching. Some of you may need to use a foot stool to achieve this.

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An external keyboard will give you more distance from the screen, which is good news for your eyes, vision & posture!

If you tend to spend long periods working from your laptop, I would recommend investing in an external keyboard. Avoid any potential aches and pains arising  from either looking down at your screen or from having your arms and shoulders raised up in a awkward position. Also, the external keyboard will give you more distance from the screen, which is good news for your eyes and vision.

Do you work with a phone?

Finally, if you work with a phone do not hold the phone between your head and shoulder. Doing this several times a day or for prolonged periods may result in aches and pain in your neck and shoulders. If you need to type while speaking on the phone, I recommend investing in a hands free communication headset.

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Read more about what to expect from my treatments.

Hopefully you find the general information in this blog informative and helpful, however it is not intended to replace medical advice and should not be used as such.

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