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“I have a bad back.”

Have you heard someone say this?


“I need to be careful with my neck.”

Maybe you’ve said it yourself.

What you say whether aloud or internally it matters.

It matters more than you know.

If you consistently tell yourself you have a “bad back” … is there room for recovery? Many times people can become attached to a label. Perhaps they put this label on themselves or a previous health-care provider did. While sometimes diagnoses or labels can be helpful, in some cases we can hold on to these names / diagnoses / labels. We begin to change our behaviour and choices to align with the label. You may come to accept that this is your only option and the label can then begin to direct you. The label runs the show.

But is there another option? A different story may lie in the capacities of your body to shift, learn and alter with neuroplasticity. Your brain; the conductor of the body, has phenomenal capacity to change.

What if you listened to yourself less and talked to yourself more.

What if you started to really pay attention to your body. Instead of avoiding the issue, you shone a light on it and nurtured awareness and acknowledgment of your concern. And repeated this practice again and again. Through this practice new neurons fire in your brain and new pathways are made. Old pathways become redundant. An opportunity for healing and change arises and labels release.

Consider these shifts from:

“My body is falling apart”

“I have to ___________ “

“I can’t _____________”


“My body is doing the best it can for me right now”

“I am open to ____________”

“I’d love to _______________”

Your words matter to you. Not anyone else.

How you speak to yourself is important. How you speak about your body and spine is important. A shift in attitude and starting to nurture awareness can help you start the road to recovery.

If this resonates with you, join Treasa for an online practice where we bring heightened consciousness and focus to your breath, body and spine can help you relax and re-establish trust in your body’s own recovery and healing process.

This guided practice will be held next on Sunday 19th June 2022 at 19:30 with the intention to support health and healing in your breath, body and spine.
Join from the comfort of your own home via zoom.

For more info contact 087 1815007.

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Finally, the information provided here is not intended to replace individual medical advice. If you have any questions regarding the above information or if you wish to book an appointment with me, please contact me here, message me on Facebook or on 087 1815007.

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