Driving: Tips for a Comfortable Commute

Pain in the lower back whilst driving is a common issue.

With more of us commuting and record levels of private cars on Irish roads, long hours sitting in traffic are a reality for many. So how can you avoid feeling stiff and achy after a drive? I am currently doing a lot of trips myself and am putting into practice all these tips for every journey. Otherwise the aches start to creep in…… Lets go a bit further today and add more tips to what we already learned in last month’s post!

Secret Foot Rest

When driving on motorways and in cruising mode, many of us have our foot on the accelerator and the left foot resting on the car floor (See Cruising Driving Position I above). Next time you are in your car, have a look to the left of the clutch pedal (or to the left of the brake pedal if driving an automatic) to check if your car has a foot rest (See Cruising Driving Position II below).

Many car manufacturers have this foot rest, which seems to be a secret to the world….!! By resting your foot here while driving it puts both of your legs in a similar position thus putting less torque and pressure through your knees, hips and lower back. This makes for a more balanced and aligned driving position. All these positive changes add up if you drive for a living or are driving regularly.

Getting out of your car correctly

My last tip for arriving to your destination in more comfort is to pay attention to how you exit the car. Do you just swing your leg out? Sometimes I even see some people holding on to the roof of the car to pull themselves out! When getting out of the car, turn your hips and pelvis to face the direction you are getting out. And then get out of the car! Finally, with any changes to your car seat, driving position and practices, it is important to firstly carry out these changes before taking off on a journey and to become comfortable with the changes before setting off.

If despite your best efforts, you are struggling with stiffness, aches and pains after your commute, consider gentle hands-on therapy at Natural Back Health to bring about recovery and healing. If you have any further questions on this topic or wish to book a consultation, contact the clinic today on 0871815007 or email us here.

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