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In honor of Mother’s Day later this month, I wanted to share the top three reasons I love to care for mothers! Whether you are a new mother with a teeny tiny new baby or a mum to two, three or maybe more … you are doing an exceptional job! And you need support to keep the ship afloat …

So why do I love to support and care for mums?

Filling their cup allows them to pour into their family

Mammies all to often pour all of themselves into their partner and children. Their own self-care can be way down the list of “to-dos”. While this amazing ability to be completely selfless deserves serious respect, if it is never-ending, mum may not get a chance to refuel her tank.

She may be feeling aches and pains or stress levels are at maximum. Putting up with this can mean patience wears thin and perhaps even the whole family ends up feeling stressed.

Hands-on care like osteomyology can help individuals to feel great both mentally and physically, which can help a mother feel they have enough juice in the tank to keep going and support her family to thrive! Rather than just surviving!!

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At NBH, Treasa loves to be part of your support system during your motherhood.

We are so often hard on ourselves as parents (and maybe sometimes hard on our kids), wanting the best … I recently listened to a beautiful podcast on self-compassion for parents … greater kindness and acceptance of ourselves and our family members can help guide you back to sanity and balance.

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Focusing on the mother

All too often, once the baby is born, all the attention switches from the woman to baby. Those first six weeks are often not all a woman needs to recover and “bounce back”. Have you heard of the term matrescence? This term describes the time of transition to motherhood. This term was coined in the 70s. It is the idea that a mother is being born also, not just a baby. You not only meet your new infant on the day your give birth but you also meet a new you! There is no time limit on this period of transition. For many, it can take months, if not years to settle into this new role. And that is ok. Motherhood is a huge shift in physical changes – we know that. However there is also a shift in identity, lifestyle and massive shifts in your mental, emotional and spiritual states. Watch a TedTalk on matrescence here.

I love to care for new mothers. Making sure she is feeling supported, can handle stress to the best of her ability and is out of pain. Read more on postnatal care with me here.

Encouraging a healthy lifestyle

Most expectant mamas will take a supplement and eat super healthily during pregnancy to give their baby the best start. However, once baby has arrived, good nutrition for themselves can go on the back-burner. The thing is … you have just grown a human! You are very possibly depleted nutritionally. So continuing a healthy diet and potentially a good supplement will support good health for you. Plus, while working together, if I can encourage a healthy lifestyle for mam, that will often translate to a healthy lifestyle for the entire family! Check out some “Beneficial Breakfasts” here (from the natural family health magazine Pathways to Family Wellness) for ideas on boosting your nutrition.

Being a mother can have a certain amount of stress that comes with the job. At Natural Back Health, I want to be help you better manage and adapt to the stresses and strains that you meet daily. Whether you are putting up with aches and pains or simply need space to re-balance and restore energy we will work together to discover the most appropriate care for your needs and desired outcome. Until we meet, check out this video on different types of tiredness and whether you are restoring your energy in the right way to match the type of exhaustion!

I have a whole health and body philosophy to my treatments. My plan of care generally includes tailored advice on stress management, nutrition, exercise, sleep and in-house gentle, safe manual therapy.

If you have any further questions regarding this topic please do not hesitate to contact the clinic. Call today to arrange your first visit!

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Hopefully you find the general information in this blog informative and helpful, however it is not intended to replace medical advice and should not be used as such.

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