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Maybe you squeeze through an orange light turning red …

Take a risk …

And get away with it.

It’s no big deal, right? Once in a while.

But what happens if you keep chancing it? The risk of something going wrong gets higher each time.

What about cutting corners with your health? How you eat, sleep, move, and allow stress to build up … Maybe you continue to ignore that back ache or that low-level headache. The more we cut corners and ignore our body’s signals to pay attention and slow down, the more we move away from the natural rhythms of life that should be guiding our daily lives.

We think we can get away with it … it seems easier in the short term.

You simply don’t have time to stretch/exercise/cook/unwind/rest.

However, our bodies don’t work that way and typically it can catch up with you and take its toll. In my ten year plus of experience so often I have heard “I was only doing ______________” (insert any number of light activities here). Often the concern that a client comes to me with is the last straw. The straw that breaks the camel’s back. Stress/Tension/Pressure has been building in the background … and finally your body has said “ENOUGH”!!

What about the domino effect … If a concern is left unresolved or ignored it can have a “knock-on” effect elsewhere in the body.

Learn more about back pain.

While this all might seem negative and scary … really I am inviting you to shift your attitude and outlook on your health and well-being. A large part of my work is education. Explaining what is going on with your body, why you have pain and why this issue is not going away. I view this as equally important to the hands-on work that I do. And it gives me so much joy to see someone positively shift their attitude on how they perceive their health. They start to view their back ache (or whatever concern they may have) differently. They start to prioritise and protect their health. I know this will impact them positively long after we have worked together.

I am inviting you to take responsibility for your health.

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Make time for your health.

Pay attention to your body, your thoughts, and your feelings.

It may be convenient to risk that orange light … to run the red light … but how often are you going to take that chance?

Choose to eat a healthy and balanced diet, exercise, take time to unwind and pay attention to that back ache or shoulder pain when it appears. Don’t over-ride these choices because it is convenient in the short term.

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Finally, the information provided here is not intended to replace individual medical advice. If you have any questions regarding the above information or if you wish to book an appointment with me, please contact me here, message me on Facebook or on 087 1815007.

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Finally finally, credit goes to Martin Harvey DC for the wonderful analogy of health risks and running red lights! Super stuff!! I can’t think of them all folks … :)

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