Neck pain at work?

Do you feel pain and stiffness by the end of your working day?

Secondly, do you spend a large part of your day at a desk?

Sedentary life is more and more common for many of us and it is not helping our levels of fitness and overall health. This blog will focus on some of the correct desk ergonomics advised to avoid potential headaches, neck pain and low back pain.

Is your chair right for you?

Does your chair have all the functions necessary? The seat should swivel, go up and down and tilt forwards (approximately 10 degrees). The back of the chair should give good low back support and comfort. When sitting the angle at your knees should be at 90 degrees in relation to the floor. Some may need a foot rest to achieve this. Arm rests are also recommended.

If is it available in your office, consider the option of using sit-stand desk. Varying your position throughout the day is the best option, if available to you. Click here to check out an AWESOME book guiding you on this transition.

How about using a gym ball?

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A yoga or wellness ball helps to improve your natural posture!!

A yoga or wellness ball helps to improve your natural posture and forces your body to make small but continual readjustments to your seating position. The ball helps you to capitalise on your body’s natural propensity to slowly burn calories throughout your working day. This option of a yoga/wellness ball in place of a chair is a particular favourite of mine.

We need to do everything possible to combat the sedentary life that we’ve adopted. Not just in work but at home too.

Have a think about how much time you spend sitting each day. Many of us are sitting for our commute or drive to work. Then sitting for perhaps seven or eight hours at work and finally at home in front of the telly. sitting, work, exercise, healthy, running, heal, recovery

If, despite your best efforts, you find yourself putting up with shoulder pain, neck or back pain after your work day, hands-on gentle care at NBH make be suitable for you. Supporting your recovery and allowing you to live a happier, healthier life. Contact the clinic here or on 087 1815007 to arrange your first visit.

Read more about what to expect from my treatments.

Remember, addressing a problem sooner rather than later is best.

Hopefully you find the general information in this blog informative and helpful, however it is not intended to replace medical advice and should not be used as such.

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