When attending for care it is important to remember what your responsibility are as a practice member/client/patient are. These simple responsibilities apply to all health appointments and interactions. Please notify me as soon as possible if you are unable to attend an appointment. For appointments there will be a €20 fee incurred if you cancel […]

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Millions of children every year suffer with otitis media – middle ear infection – and according the WHO it is the leading cause of children’s visits to their doctor AND the most frequent reason for prescribing of antibiotics to children. So it is a problem. Could we say its a normal part of childhood? I […]

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Maybe you squeeze through an orange light turning red … Take a risk … And get away with it. It’s no big deal, right? Once in a while. But what happens if you keep chancing it? The risk of something going wrong gets higher each time. What about cutting corners with your health? How you […]

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Back pain is common in children aged 11-15 I don’t know about you but this statement is concerning to me. This was part of the concluding findings from a study done on 1,300 Danish children. The aim of the study was to find out more about spinal pain in this age group. They came back […]

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The clinic is located at: The Wisdom Centre, Sophia House, 25 Cork Street, Dublin 8.

COVID19 Update at Natural Back Health

***Re-opened following recent COVID19 restrictions***

Treasa would like to thank all her clients for their patience over this period and for their continued support and custom.

Please click on the link to familiarise yourself with safety measures in place for attending appointments.


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