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“I know, I know … I should sit up straight, walk tall, look straight ahead … but does it really matter? Why does it matter? And how do I do it right anyway?” We don’t really give posture too much thought. Sometimes we can become aware of posture based purely on appearance. People notice it […]

brain, neurology, neuroplasticity, recovery, neurons.

“I have a bad back.” Have you heard someone say this? Or “I need to be careful with my neck.” Maybe you’ve said it yourself. What you say whether aloud or internally it matters. It matters more than you know. If you consistently tell yourself you have a “bad back” … is there room for […]

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I love Autumn. However, I am not such a fan of what comes after. Winter. With the clock changing to winter time recently we are all really feeling that the winter rhythm is here. Short days and long nights … and not so much sunshine on our skin. So it feels like a good time […]

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Is posture just about looking good; standing tall and upright? Could upright posture make me feel better, less stressed, function better, less depressed and even favour happy thoughts? Yikes … that is some big talk! Well … there have been studies into all of these areas. Let’s dig in. Why poor posture is causing you […]

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